Ruth H, Personal Coaching Client

The impact of the work has been immeasurable. I have learnt a huge amount about myself, why I react or behave in certain ways, why I find certain things challenging or exciting, and how I wish to operate and thrive in the future. As a result I have dealt with difficult situations in a much more logical and considered way. This has given me a huge amount of personal confidence and resilience to go forwards with much greater self-awareness and direction

PJ, Head of Business Operations, Systems Development

Working with Brightspace has had a profound impact. A part of me naively hoped for either easy fixes or validation that I was right all along. I got neither – instead by looking for and addressing deeper underlying issues I now have better tools for tackling a wider range of issues. I can honestly say it has been liberating and transformational.

Adam Whitehead, Olympian

Heather is excellent at facilitating personal development, encouraging people to think outside of the box and find their own solutions…

Coaching - Testimonials

GB Olympic medallist

I now feel so much better and clearer about myself. Which will in turn allow me to deliver an honest and passionate story.”….. “If only I knew what I know about myself now, when I was performing (at the Olympics) – I could have been even better!

Irina, Managing Director

Working with Heather has been a revelation. She was 100% devoted during the process we went through. She was and still is always ready to help, listen and solve, or rather lead the internal process of self-discovery. She is a great character-reader and fun to be around. I felt at ease with her from the very start and enormously enjoyed the time I spent with her. I am personally very grateful. I would recommend Heather to anyone.

Craig W, returning to work after a career break

I’ve got a job! I start in January on a one-year contract… It’s a good opportunity to broaden my experience and if I make myself indispensable they might have to keep me on! I don’t think it’s exaggerating to say I wouldn’t have got it without your help.

Gail Emms, Olympic medallist

Heather has been a significant part of my successful transition from a badminton player into my many ambassador roles and other projects in my new working life.

Marianne T

Heather got me back on track with my life …by getting me thinking about where I was and where I wanted to be. Coaching helped me to identify paths I hadn’t previously thought of. Heather was very understanding in her nature and had a way of getting…. out of me what was actually in there.

CS, Senior Lecturer, Russell Group University

I have articulated what motivates me and my career goals for the next 3-5 years. I have understood much better how my attitudes and priorities in life and at work are interlinked. I have become more forgiving towards myself. I now have a sense of taking practical steps to reach a ‘higher’ goal.

Mrs R, NHS General Practitioner

I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to really look inside myself and find out what it is that I want or need and you gave me that chance.  It was exhausting, emotional, challenging and fantastic.  I came away with a new purpose.  I felt free to make new decisions without guilt and above all, restored my sense of being ‘me’, which I had lost a little when I became a mum.

Nicola Bray, Personal Coaching Client

I was nervous and resistant, but in a gentle but focused way, Heather managed to open up my thinking and helped me to clarify and respond to my cluttered brain’s thoughts, despite my anxiety.

Laura C. Business Owner

Having made some big life and career changes I felt like I was slipping backwards instead of moving forwards. I just felt stuck and lost. My experience of coaching with Heather was nothing short of enlightening – it helped me work with and build up my intuition so that I could develop trust in what I wanted to achieve. Heather skillfully facilitated our sessions to nurture my intuition, having suppressed it for so long I am excited to have it back and confident that I am moving forward.

Marie Parkinson, Personal Coaching Client

I came to your office for the opportunity to think 6 weeks ago, I enjoyed the session at the time but had no idea of the lasting effect it would have on me. It’s like a door in my mind has been opened wide and there’s now a wonderful warm breeze blowing through. Thank you for giving me the key to becoming a happier, more inspired self.

Grace Dixon, Professional Tennis Player

Working with Heather in the trustworthy environment she creates means I can be completely honest and explore some really difficult issues. She’s helped me realise what was hindering me, resulting in a “lightbulb moment” that helped me turn a corner, regain a positive outlook and improve my performance.

Ruth H, Personal Coaching Client

Heather is an exceptional thinking partner who everyone could benefit from working with. She helped me to organise my own thoughts, to see more clearly, to gain personal insight and direction and to feel confident and resilient. I can’t believe we did all that in so few sessions! Working with Heather is a lot of fun and hugely rewarding, I’m so glad I took the plunge into personal coaching.

CS, Senior Lecturer, Russell Group University

Having someone to listen enabled me to set aside inhibitions about talking about myself. Getting things off my chest, then being guided to think more deeply about the implications and consequences was useful; I don’t think I could have got to that point myself. The ability to set the agenda was very liberating and to practise self-reflection in a structured, sustained manner made me even more convinced that this is a worthwhile thing for anyone to do. I feel much more at peace with myself and my position in work and life. Thank you very much for listening.

Mark C, Assistant Director, H.E Sector

The thinking session facilitated by Heather had a profound effect on me. Heather created a safe and relaxing space for me to think deeply and freely about my situation…to consider angles and subtleties that I hadn’t explored before and …to consider the way forward.

JS, senior executive, someone who needed help

I contacted Heather in tough times when I have been desperately trying to find a way out of a crisis. Through working with her, I was able not only to explain the background of the issue but to discover my powerful internal resources that enabled me to flip it over, draw a line under the past and plan the steps for a happy future. I’m very grateful to Heather for her help and definitely recommend her as an outstanding person and a responsive and thoughtful coach with a flexible approach and a diversified toolkit.

PJ, Head of Business Operations, Systems Development

I contacted Heather to work on how to engage peers and address their perceptions. This we did, and more. Her experience and depth of insight allowed us to explore and address the roots of the issue, and how they affected my thinking and behaviours in many other areas of my life. I can honestly say the 6 sessions with Heather have been liberating and transformational.

Professor & Senior Manager, Russell Group HE Institution

The coaching exceeded my expectations. I was a little sceptical at the start, having not found coaching to be of value in the past (by virtue of it being rather generic). Heather, however, allowed the sessions to be client-led, with a focus on engagement and exploration rather than adherence to any coaching “workbook”. This worked brilliantly and enabled me to go where I wanted to with the sessions.

Ms B, Director, University Research Team

I had always expected the coaching to be helpful in solving some of the problems, but not to the extent of turning a negative into such a positive outcome. The coaching has really helped me to understand and interpret others’ behaviours and actions and be aware of my own.

Joe Glanfield, Olympic Medallist

Heather helped empower me in my role by improving my skills and knowledge whilst promoting self responsibility and the use of my own strengths and experiences. Heather is completely honest, trustworthy and professional, she is very intuitive and has a genuine interest in helping people fulfil their potential.

Professor & Senior Manager, Russell Group HE Institution

Heather’s style was highly relational; she listened, she guided, and where needed, she challenged. What I gained from the sessions you couldn’t find in any book – an insight into my core strengths that was uniquely personal and wholly illuminating.


I liked your style – the interactions felt light, yet there was a lot of depth to your work. Very skilful. I really enjoyed the sessions and left each one feeling uplifted and able to tackle problems that I was facing but also feeling that there was much more I could do with the strategies we discussed. Thank you!

Developing Organisations - Testimonials

Julia S. Senior Finance Manager, Global Corporate

The personal impact workshop was just excellent! Our group had a great session with Heather Monro. She has real expertise in this subject area and helped each of us make sense of the material with group and individual practice. I would recommend including this workshop in all future programmes.

Senior Strategy Consultant, Asia

Heather is a perfect facilitator / coach. She has been high-energy in a very balanced way – to make everyone enthusiastic and passionate but not doing it overly so as to make someone feel awkward. She listens, takes new information in, and gives feedback. Also, she really cares for EVERYONE, which means nobody is forgotten and they all get a say in the training.

Senior manager, Global Consumer Products Firm

One of the best management related programs in which I have participated.

Senior executive, Global Engineering firm

The training with Heather was an eye-opener; you can be blind to your own weaknesses without this sort of training. I’ve realised again that I CAN learn something, develop and change!

Developing Coaches - Testimonials

Andrea Kennedy, Executive Coach and Mentor, Andrea Kennedy Consulting

As an experienced coach I thought I knew all there was to know, both about the process and about myself as a coach.  But Heather proves me wrong!  Her listening skills and astute questions, together with her warm yet challenging style, always open up new avenues of exploration and insight which are invaluable to me. 

Laura Cumming, Leadership Coach, Teal Associates

Heather is a fountain of coaching knowledge and experience and has introduced me to a broad range of new approaches, fresh ideas and coaching methodologies. Every conversation we have brings new insight and inspiration.

Her support has been a vital part of my ongoing professional development as a coach.