Crossing The Threshold Into Adulthood

A personal journey and a collective human necessity. The call of the wild. I’ve known since childhood that my true sense of ‘place’ is not tied to a geographical location, but to being part of the wild. I felt it in my bones, when, aged 10, I was released into the woods on my first
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The Emergence of a New Coaching Paradigm for the 21st Century

Last week I joined several hours of the fabulous 24 hour conversation hosted by the Climate Coaching Alliance  In this, and in other coaching forums I participate in, I notice that coaches passionately care about making a difference and contributing to tackling 21st century social and ecological challenges but so many feel STUCK in the “directive vs
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Leadership Development for our times: Why Understanding Vertical Development is critical.

For many years I have worked in the field of developing leaders. I’ve prided myself on my ability to help clients find solutions to tricky leadership problems, develop skills for navigating stakeholder relationships and embed practices for thriving in demanding roles. Increasingly though, I have come to question whether most leadership development, training and coaching
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Why I Sit on the Streets and Listen to Strangers

I volunteer for a global movement called Sidewalk Talk. We set up chairs in the streets and offer to listen to passers by. We don’t solve problems. We don’t give advice. We simply offer non-judgemental, empathic listening; the opportunity to sit with a stranger and be heard.  Newcastle is at 55°N latitude. We had one
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Transformational Coaching: Climate Crisis, Aspiration & Despair

Life is a roller coaster: An endlessly undulating, twisting journey of highs and lows, joy and sadness, aspiration and despair. As the Buddhists so neatly put it;  suffering and happiness are part of the human condition and both are transitory: No mud, no lotus flower. Part of the journey, then, is to more fully embrace and
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Directive vs. Non-Directive; Coaching & The Global Climate Crisis

The coaching marketplace has grown significantly over the past 15 or so years that I’ve been in it. Not least in the diversity of the coaching offerings out there. Perhaps one defining principle that all have in common, though, is that coaching is about change. Yet despite this, could coaching professionals themselves have a tendency
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Does Coaching Really Work?

  My colleague and I recently ran a little coaching experiment.  We offered 60-minute coaching sessions to 10 leaders from different industries, countries and age groups without cost.  Why?  So we could find out more about the challenges leaders are facing and whether our coaching style could help. So what did most leaders want to
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