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A place for thinking without limits, unleashing your potential and bringing your ideas to life. A place where people and organisations grow, develop and thrive. 

A Place to Reimagine the Future

I’m Heather Monro – the founder and lead coach at Brightspace.

I believe that everyone has the ability to think brilliantly. 

I believe that all of us have incredible potential – most of which we’re not using. But, when the conditions are right, we can tap into our inner resources and unlock that potential.

We can remove the assumptions that limit our thinking and we can make great things happen – for ourselves, our organisations and our world.

Brightspace’s work is about enabling new, courageous and brilliant thinking. It’s about helping individuals and organisations to thrive and flourish and it’s about contributing to a more joyful, sustainable, equitable world. 

Often referred to as coaching – I like to think of it as a thinking partnership. It is about enabling you to think in ways you’ve never thought before, igniting your inner wisdom. It is helping you to gain new insight, generate fresh ideas and think both creatively and strategically. 

It is also about transformative change. Grounded in the field of Adult Vertical Development, it is about helping you to develop to the next level. 

everyone has the ability to think brilliantly!

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