To blog, or not to blog….

I’ve taken a month’s sabbatical in May. I can highly recommend it. After the busiest start to the year ever, I was digging deep into the emergency reserves.

Time to refill the tanks and focus on replenishing activities. Space to think, time to reflect on my practice and invest in my CPD. The equation is simple. Fully charged batteries = fully charged coach. Good for my clients and good for the business. And of course fully charged Mum too, so good for the family and maybe even all the neglected DIY jobs round the house.

Half way through May and I have pretty much crossed off all the niggly jobs on my to-do list. I’ve also done some great thinking, running, reading, meditating, reflecting and coffee drinking. I like the sense of achievement of emphatically crossing things off my list. But there is one item there. Big, and bold, 4 letters defiantly shouting out at me, surrounded by lots of other scribblings out.




I OUGHT to blog. That’s what business professionals do. To promote their business, to share knowledge and ideas, to engage with others, to showcase their brilliance, to become thought leaders.

But hold on. “Good Girls” don’t self-promote. It’s immodest to shout about yourself. And anyway, who are you to think you might have something clever or interesting to say?

Ah, but “Good Girls” are diligent and get good grades, work hard and become successful. And in this day and age of social media and Comms, the number of people reading your original, witty, intelligent and entertaining blogs is an indicator of success.

Well, that’s one argument, but what’s actually more important – external verification of success or your own sense of internal satisfaction, wellbeing and peace?


And so the internal debate goes on and nothing gets written and I think I’m going mad…..



Injunction and Counter-Injunction.

Here we are back in familiar self-limiting belief territory again. The irony is that I actually quite like writing. So, for once, I’m going to cast the oughts and shoulds aside and do what I want to do.


There. I’ve done it.

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