What does your soul say about Brexit? An Integral-Teal Perspective

I recently read Frederic Laloux’s brilliant book on “Reinventing Organisations.” It spoke to my longing for more soul, more purpose, more community, more trust and more compassion in our organisations, our society and our interactions. Buoyed up by the hope inspired by the book I’ve watched the events of the past week unfold and I’ve
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Why I Love Fresh Air Thinking (And Why You Should Try It Too!)

I coach in the outdoors. Clients love it. We walk and we talk. Somehow the movement, the changing scenery, the stimulation of all senses, just being in nature ignites thinking. Many clients comment that their creativity is enhanced and they have more insight when we’re outdoors. Being in nature – food for the soul. I
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Goodbye Dad, Hello Brightspace

My Dad died last May. My ingenious, crazy, impetuous, exasperating, wonderful Dad. Cancer is a cruel disease. But the time we had together from his diagnosis to his passing and the reflection it has prompted was a precious gift. It has given birth to this. At the memorial service I thanked him for 2 things; for the
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